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Re: help adding a group

Jon Roberts wrote:
Adam Williams wrote:
I'm trying to add a group with 2 users to LDAP, but i'm running into problems. When I add my group and then search for it, it shows a userPassword,

What are your ACLs? If they allow reading the userPassword attribute for groups, you'll see the values as expected.

and garbles the memberUid of the first user I added to the group. Any ideas?

See RFC 2849. Base64 encoding isn't garbling. It's very common for data to be Base64 encoded when output as LDIF. The specific criteria is unclear (to me), but you can expect some text fields to be encoded. Look for the double colons (::) after the attribute name to indicate that it's encoded.

The only reason for base64 encoding in the example the original poster sent is that there must have been trailing whitespace on one of the input values.
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