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log.000xx files?

Openldap experts,
We are running openldap 2.3.30 on Fedora core 6. Everything seems to be working fine since we started it up in February. However, I have noticed that in /var/lib/ldap there are a lot of log.00000x files incrementing from 1 through 58 so far and they are all the same size of 5242880 bits. Can someone explain to me what the role of these log files is and if there is anything I should do to keep the directory clean over time? Should I just ignore them or is there maintenance or something that is recommended for cleaning up these log files over time? Is openldap dependent upon all of them for any reason?

-rw------- 1 ldap ldap 5242880 Apr 18 18:56 log.0000000053 -rw------- 1 ldap ldap 5242880 Apr 30 07:38 log.0000000054 -rw------- 1 ldap ldap 5242880 Jun 5 11:26 log.0000000055 -rw------- 1 ldap ldap 5242880 Jun 8 13:30 log.0000000056 -rw------- 1 ldap ldap 5242880 Jul 18 12:07 log.0000000057 -rw------- 1 ldap ldap 5242880 Jul 19 11:45 log.0000000058.

Also, are there any other ldap maintenance tasks that one might recommend doing periodically to keep the ldap databases running efficiently and reliably? Note we are using Berkley database in case that matters (*.bdb).

Tim Tyler
Network Engineer - Beloit College