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Re: "descriptor table size" errors?

Dustin Puryear skrev, on 17-07-2007 22:37:

Funny, I was just discussing OpenLDAP 2.2 vs. 2.3. 2.2 is funky compared
to 2.3, so enjoy the upgrade. What always gets me is that so many
distributions (major distros) use 2.2 or older versions, so that means
2.2 gets used in a lot of places.

I am intending to do a write-up on this; Red Hat issues OL 2.3.27 for rhl5, this means that it also supplies an srpm.

I'm installing a series of rhl5 IBM x86_64 machines with OL and, as always, I want to keep up with the latest. Buchan's spec/srpm won't work (for me, at any rate) with x86_64 libraries, and the spec's so complicated, that rewriting it would be a real pain. So I tried the RH srpm with OL 2.3.36 source code and that works - but only after altering the spec quite a lot and redefining rpm macros and such. The RH spec is a lot simpler than Buchan's and things it does wrong are easier to correct.

When I'm sure that everything really works in production and is stable, I'll put the stuff on my ftp server for others to try out.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl