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Re: syncrepl work fine, but no entry not visible

Le lundi 16 juillet 2007 Ã 10:27 +0200, stephane.purnelle@corman.be a
Ãcrit :
> Hi, 


> Openldap 2.3.24 on consummer and 2.3.20 (not sure) on producer. 
> The syncrepl seems to work fine but if I try to see reccord with
> ldapbrowser or jexplorer or a simple ldapserach, I don't find all
> entry.

How can you be sure than syncrepl is working fine ?
Do you have enabled loglevel to  sync  and got some messages ?
What is your type of syncrepl : refreshOnly or refreshAndPersist ?

> And if I try to add with a ldif import, ldap see that the netry
> already exist ? 

Are you missing for an object like a dcObject or organizationalUnit that
define LDAP branche you're trying to synchronize ?


RaphaÃl 'SurcouF' Bordet