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Re: asking for new feature extending LDAP: return entriest that only matches in default language

On Mon, 2007-07-16 at 14:55 +0200, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> Or some matching rules: (o:noSubTypeSubstringMatch:=*A).
> The second search is not "an attribute is requested without a language
> tag option".  However the suggestion is wrong because it already means
> something: It matches all 'o' attributes which have a language tag.

I am almost 100% sure my suggestion is wrong even before I post it but I
have to find a way to make my requirement clear with example using my
brain that lack in-depth understanding of LDAP. Such situation happens
frequently when a customer want something they are not sure what it is,
and often they are gave what they need by smart developers:) It's nice
to see Hallvard suggested the idea closer to perfection.

So my question is: do someone have time to develop a patch doing
something like allowing (o:noSubTypeSubstringMatch:=*A)? I just hope it
isn't very expensive, I am under pressure of solving more problems with
less resources. A patch that just works will do, putting it on ITS and
submit a suggestion to IETF and wait 3.5 years before openLDAP accept
this new feature introduced by RFC 7000 etc is very good but wouldn't
work for my case (maybe by then I already left the project that needs

Zhang Weiwu
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