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Reg:ldapsearch not running on port 636

Hello freinds,
This is Sri.i have a encountered a problem while tring to work with ldapsearch on port 636 .. though slapd in my server system is listening to both 636 & 389 ports. my server is configured in LINUX machine while my client is SOLARIS machine. i have added these lines to slapd.conf :(path of my server and client certificates) and ldap.conf with( HOST rsasol1 ,PORT 636). (FYI::but ldapsearch is working fine with 389 port.)
   rsasol1 is hostname of my machine.
it throws an error: can`t contact ldapserver(-1)
                                                                                   addiditional info:error:140943FC:SSL routines:SSL#_READ_BYTES:sslv3 laert bad record mac       
can any one of us help me in this issue.
thanks in advance
with regards,