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Re: Automatic Account Deactivation?

Oh, now that is interesting. What is the name of that overlay?

Anyway, another option is to use your central logging host (you do have
one, right? ;-) to monitor logins and update a table somewhere with that
information. You can then do a nightly batch update against your expired
accounts in LDAP and set a value such as accountActive to No. If you
don't support an extended attribute like accountActive (or whatever you
name it), then you can also scramble the password.

So, yes, a central logging host would be helpful here. :)

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Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Aharon Verno wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply.  That's exactly what we're trying to do, disable
>> rather than delete.  The plan is to have some sort of check for the
>> number of days since last login and then send out an email to our
>> Operators when it's hit 60 and then 90 days without a login.  At that
>> point it should either be disabled automatically, or an Operator
>> should do it manually.  This is mainly due to security risks with
>> email accounts.  Our email system is tied into the LDAP so I want to
>> check the last LDAP authentication.  The part I'm getting stuck on is
>> exactly how to keep track of the last login for a user.  Do you have
>> any tips about this?
> we developed an overlay that adds an operational attribute that keeps
> count of the last (successful/unsuccessful) login attempt of a user. The
> key issue is (loose) replication; the value is logged separately by the
> provider and by the consumers, and a batch process syncs it
> periodically.  In case of a sync error (e.g. one logs during a sync),
> the worst case is that the counter gets out of date by a sync period,
> which is usually much shorter than any critical time (in your case,
> 60/90 days).  This algorithm hasn't been specified yet for syncrepl,
> although it shouldn't be an issue.
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