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Re: using openldap as a translation layer.

I understand the "lazyness" completely, because I've only been able to work on this intermittantly, it is a long (chronologically especially) thread.

My configuration is:

============================================================ database ldap suffix "dc=mywork,dc=com" access to * by * read readonly on uri ldap://the-server:389/

overlay rwm
rwm-rewriteEngine on
#left here because it might be useful, to simlpify things later, but not currently used
# bind DN rewrite rules
rwm-rewriteContext bindDN
# extract the username from the incorrect DN, and try to use it
# as mailbox in a lookup filter "(mail=<mailbox>@domain)" to
# fetch the corresponding DN
# "^uid=([^,]+)?,ou=People,dc=mywork,dc=com$"
#alt #1
# "uid=([a-zA-Z-]+\.[\d]+)"
#alt #2
# "\(&\(objectClass=person\)\(uid=([a-zA-Z]+\.[0-9]+)\)\)"
# if the lookup fails, the error is ignored, and thus
# the original DN is used.

what I listed previously wasn't a rule, but 3 regexes I tried for the match parameter of the rule.

-Jim Stapleton

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Subject: Re: using openldap as a translation layer.

S James S Stapleton wrote:
OK, I got it working now (rwm/ldap anway, using cygwin instead of mingw,
the process worked).

However, I'm not getting any results yet.

If I see these two lines in the output (-g -1):
   ==> rewrite_context_apply [depth=1]
   ==> rewrite_context_apply [depth=1] res={0,'NULL'}

The second line means the regex did not match, correct?

sort of

I tried this
with the original regex that was suggested to me, and the following
match attempts, with the same {0,'NULL'} results:


Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? (I figure I am either reading the output wrong, or have botched the regex, possibly both)

The above regex'es make little sense to me. It doesn't even look like a rewrite statement, but just rather a bunch of regex'ish lines. What is the rewrite configuration you're actually using? What's your intention? (please excuse my laziness, but the original thread is too long to figure out myself).


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