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Re: Schema change in master-slave setup

On 7/6/07, Andre Nathan <andre@digirati.com.br> wrote:

I have an openldap master-slave setup, and I need to make a simple
schema change to add an attribute to an objectclass which is defined as

objectclass ( dgMail:1.2.2 NAME 'dgMailAuth'
    DESC 'SASL Authentication for mail'
    SUP top
    MAY ( uid $ userPassword $ mail ) )

I just need to add an attribute called mailDrop, which is already
defined in the schema, but only used in other objectclasses, so the last
line would become

    MAY ( uid $ userPassword $ mail $ mailDrop ) )

My question is: is it safe to do this one server at a time, editing the
schema file and restarting the daemon, or will I have problems with the
temporary schema mismatch? I would like to minimize the downtime of the
operation, since the system is heavily used in production.

As long as nobody is trying to add this new attribute to an entry on the Master server when you are performing that schema change one server at a time, you are safe. Please test this schema change beforehand.