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Re: How to search for all entries that have modified themselves

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> Dear all
> We have accesslog feature turned on for several months. It's very useful
> for us to identify who have modified what (only edit access is logged).
> The new requirement is to search for all entries that have modified
> themselves;
> I don't know how to do (and failed after many experiments). It's very
> easy to identify whether or not a given user have modified herself by
> doing:
> ldapsearch ... '(&(reqDN=uid=zhangweiwu,ou=contacts,dc=eoa,dc=cn)(reqAuthzID=uid=zhangweiwu,ou=contacts,dc=eoa,dc=cn))'
> But I need to do this search 4000 times to locate all entries who have
> modified themselves. I wish I can work smarter using something like
> ldapsearch ... '(&(reqDN=\(.*\))(reqAuthzID=\1))'
> Certainly this doesn't work but you get the idea. Is there a solution?
> Thanks a lot in advance! Would you please kindly use "reply all" to
> reply this message so that my colleague on the 'cc' can be enlightened
> too?

I can't think of any technique. Maybe file an ITS Enhancement request
asking for a new attribute called modifiedSelf: 1/0 which get's set if
the reqDN and reqAuthzID are equal ????


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