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Re: Lock is no longer valid / deferring operation

On Thursday, 5 July 2007, Toby Blake wrote:
> Hi again Gavin,
> <most stuff snipped>
> >> As for what services they provide, general desktop services, but also
> >> could be running long-running or intensive jobs.  Many of the machines
> >> are also in a condor pool and this does seem to cause more problems.
> >>
> >> Do you know if slapd gets unhappy if other processes use up lots of
> >> memory?  This is my current line of investigation - I'll try to make
> >> it unhappy by using increasing amounts of memory.
> >
> > Yes.
> >
> >> I suppose what I'm trying to determine is - is it the client activity
> >> that's causing problems (i.e. a misbehaving client or similar) or is
> >> it slapd itself getting unhappy for other reasons (possibly due to
> >> resources being used by other programs)?  Or a combination of both?
> >
> > Probably both. If a client keeps sending lots of bind/search requests at
> > once, slapd will queue/defer them.
> Excellent, this does look to be the case.  I've just run a bit of a
> test by eating up all memory and swap and seeing if I could upset
> slapd - it seemed OK for a while, then a full search of the directory
> triggered off a "Lock is no longer valid" and it's now distinctly
> unhappy.  So, a client that not only eats memory, but also uses up
> other resources, to the detriment of slapd, can only produce
> problems.

Yes, it is probably advisable not to use only a local daemon to provide a 
service required by other processes that will take away resources from the 
daemon they rely on ...

> I suppose the way forward is to migrate away from running local slapd
> everywhere, perhaps to a proxy-caching type of solution, but this is
> going to require some proper planning and investigation.

Are you using nscd ? Yes, I know the point of the local slapd is similar to 
that of nscd, but if you don't use nscd, each binary that does any user/group 
lookups will have a connection to your ldap server. Using nscd should not 
require any planning/investigation, just testing.

If nscd is unsuitable, you may also consider nss_db and nss_updatedb (this may 
require planning/investigation).

Oh, and your custom replication method looks a lot like syncrepl ...


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist - Monitoring/Authentication Team Leader

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