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Re: how to change userPassword in overlay...

Hallvard B Furuseth writes:
>> I mean. If userPassword uses md5 hash change it to new one but keep/use
>> the same hash.
> Oh.  Just grab the old one, ignoring any access control rules, and see
> if it starts with '{something}'.  (...)

Or look at how libraries/liblutil/passwd.c:lutil_passwd() does it.  But
note that lutil_password() can trigger SASL, callbacks to slapd, and
whatnot, looking for how to authenticate the password.  If you want to
do the same (authenticating other entries), you need to set
thread-specific data with key slap_sasl_bind, like be_isroot_pw() does
in slapd/backend.c.  I have no idea where that leads, having only looked
superficially at the code myself.