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Re: back-sql and multiple objectclasses

Wilhelm Meier wrote:

> Yes, schema checking succeeds:


> kmux-postgres:/etc/ldap# dpkg -l slapd
> ii  slapd               2.3.30-5            OpenLDAP server (slapd)


> In the log below (some lines after the log above) you see that it tries to set 
> the attribute uidNumber for objectClass person - thats wrong!?!

Don't be confised by LDAP vs. SQL.  In that case, it is setting
uidNumber for the SQL person, which is not related to LDAP.  It's your
mapping that defines what person contains.  In back-sql, in fact,
entries are essentially based on a structural class, defined by means of
the mappings, which contains all attributes of that type of entry.  In
your case, the mappings for persons must allow also data related to
posixAccount.  Then, attributes related to posixAccount will only be
allowed if the posixAccount class is present in ldap_entry_objclasses.

> Jul  2 06:31:29 kmux-postgres slapd[3578]:    backsql_add(): adding 
> attribute "uidNumber"
> Jul  2 06:31:29 kmux-postgres slapd[3578]:    
> backsql_add_attr("cn=testuser2,dc=kmux,dc=de"): attribute "uidNumber" is not 
> registered in objectclass "person"

Perhaps the logs should be more explicit?


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