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back-sql and multiple objectclasses


I have a problem using back-sql and entries with multiple object classes:

If I add the entry:

dn: cn=testuser2,dc=kmux,dc=de
cn: testuser2
sn: test
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: posixAccount
gidNumber: 514
uidNumber: 4711
uid: test2
homeDirectory: hh

I get in the logs of slapd complains that attr uidNumber in objectClass person 
is undefined. That's right, but the object has the additional class 
posixAccount, which has the attribute.

When I look in the logs, I see that the table ldap_entry_objectclasses gets 
inserted the auxiliary class posixAccount AFTER it tries to set the attribute 
uidNumber. So ist clear that it doen't find the attribute.

The tables in the database are constructed similar to the objectclasses.

Any hints?