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Re: Openldap out of memory problem

On 6/27/07, jsianes@andaluciajunta.es <jsianes@andaluciajunta.es> wrote:
Hello, I have a problem in a production environment using Openldap 2.2.13. The
problem is, even establishing a reduced cachesize for Berkeley backend, my
openldap server starts to consume more and more memory until all RAM is
exhausted, causing server stop running (and sometimes backend corruption). I
have followed indications included in faq-o-matic to calculate an accurate
cache size for BDB backend (8MB), but the problem doesn't solves. At
beginning, openlaps starts with few memory (as configuration indicates) but
later more and more memory is consumed by the process. Here is the information
about my ldap server and service in order you can give a solution. I want that
mi slapd process doesn't cosume all fisical memory, basically.

Server: - RAM: 1GB - Swap: 1GB

Openldap: - version: 2.2.13 - sizelimit: 5000

Backend: - Type: bdb - checkpoint: 512 30 - cachesize: 5000

DB_CONFIG: - Cache (8MB): set_cachesize 0 8388608 1 - Other options: set_lg_regionmax 262144 set_lg_bsize 2097152 set_lg_dir /var/lib/ldap/logs set_lg_max 52428800 set_flags DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE - dn2id.bdb size: 177MB - id2entry.bdb size: 555MB

Top information: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ SWAP COMMAND 12547 ldap 19 0 509m 139m 13m S 1.3 13.9 9:30.32 369m slapd

If I execute a pmap over slapd PID, there is a lot of RAM used by 'anon' piece of memory. Any commentary will be very appreciated. Thanks.

While there could easily be a memory leak in your older version of
openldap, can you try to lower the cachesize and idlcachesize in your