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[Push based Syncrepl on 2.3.36] Mapping contextCSN/entryCSN

Dear all,

I'm trying to do an example for replacing slurpd on 2.3.36 for
back-porting to the 2.3 Admin Guide (will do 2.4 later, as that will be
easy), i.e. Push based Syncrepl.

I have a consumer hooked up to a provider with refreshAndPersist,
configured inside a back-ldap to push out to another slapd instance.

How do I map the contextCSN/entryCSN to a suitable remote attribute, or
store contextCSN/entryCSN locally?


I'm obviously hitting "contextCSN: no user modification allowed" and
"entryCSN: no user modification allowed" starting up.



Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
Managing Director.

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