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Re: dynamic schema for database sql

> Can I able to add  new schema with database sql ?
> I can able to see the cn=schema, cn=config entries when I do
> ldapsearch 
> But when the slapd starts, the warning states, No dynanmic config
> support for sql (Is that mean, I cant add new schemas?), if thatâs the
> case , what is the cn=schema, cn=config when I do a ldapsearch.
I think these are two separate issues.

1.) back-sql doesn't support dynamic config.
2.) Schema is global and has nothing to do with backend you are using
(more or less).

> Please explain me in this regard
> Is this due to oc / attr mapping is not in the database

With back-sql the oc/attr mapping IS in the database.  You can map any
field to any attribute - whether or not that attribute is defined in
schema [which is obviously required] is strictly a slapd configuration