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Re: Backend meta as a module errors

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
Alexandre DUVAL <alexandredvl@yahoo.com> writes:


I tried hard but I can't manage to get back-meta to work as a module with OpenLDAP
2.3.34 to 2.3.35.
(I'm actually trying to backport the Debian last  "slapd-2.3.35"  to  "Etch" )

However, compiling back-meta and back-ldap --enable-ldap  --enable-meta seems to
solve my problem ... but why ?

Here's the error message I get :

@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.3.35 (Jun 15 2007 09:41:15) $
/usr/local/2.3.35/slapd-meta.conf: line 61: "pseudorootdn", "pseudorootpw" are no
longer supported; use "idassert-bind" and "idassert-authzFrom" instead.
/usr/local/2.3.35/libexec/slapd: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/2.3.35/libexec/lda
pseudorootdn    cn=proxy,ou=applications,ou=tata,o=test,c=fr
pseudorootpw   secret2

uri             "ldap://,o=test,c=fr";
pseudorootdn    cn=proxy,ou=applications,ou=toto,o=test,c=fr
pseudorootpw   secret3
map attribute   affe sage

As the error message stated, pseudorootdn and pseudorootpw are not supported anymore.

No, that's just a warning. The real error is "symbol lookup error: ..." (note the tell-tale presence of the word "error" in the message...) Unfortunately that part of the message is cut off, so we have no idea what symbol it's having a problem with.

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