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olcReferral cannot be configured

Hi all, I´m using openldap 2.3.30 and I´m trying to configure a distributed directory. In a first server I´ve "dc-br" and in the other server I´ve "ou=go,dc=br". I normally add referral entry in "dc=br" pointing to "ou=go,dc=br" server, it´s ok.

Then, I configure "olcSuffix", "olcRootDN" and "olcRootPW"  in "olcDatabase{1}bdb,cn=config" on "ou=go,dc=br" and it´s ok too. But, when  I try to configure "olcReferral" pointing do "dc=br" server, the directory server returns that "olcReferral" is not Allowed.

For all configurations, I´m using ldapmodify tool.

If I configure "olcDatabase{1}bdb,cn=config" ldif configuration file and restart the OpenLDAP, it works but I need to use ldapmodify tool.

Somebody can help me?