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Re: Checking authzTo case-sensitive

> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> HI!
>> checking a DN sent by proxy authorization control against authzTo seems
>> to be case-sensitive. Or better said: DNs in the attribute value of
>> authzTo must be lower-cased to make matching work.
>> Is that by purpose?
> Well, OpenLDAP introduced a specific syntax for authzTo/authzFrom which
> parses the values and validates/compares them accodring to the contents.
>   The DN portion is usually compared by means of the dnMatch function,
> which takes care of case as appropriate for each AVA pair.

Partial correction: authz syntax is enabled by default in 2.4, while in
2.3 it's still protected by an #ifdef LDAP_DEVEL.  As a consequence, yes,
any DN must be in the form it would appear after normalization.


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