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Good afternoon all,

I have two containers within my OpenLDAP directory:

ou=roles,ou=Dummy Corp,ou=clients,ou=directory,ou=base

ou=contacts,ou=Dummy Corp,ou=clients,ou=directory,ou=base

As you would expect I have an entries in the contact list for people in the company that I have an entry for, e.g.

cn=Russell Seymour,ou=contacts,ou=Dummy Corp,ou=clients,ou=directory,ou=base

this has all the attributes such as address and email etc.

Now in the ou for Roles contains the entry

cn=Director,ou=roles,ou=Dummy Corp,ou=clients,ou=directory,ou=base

and in this entry I have the roleOccupant, which has the full DN for the person in the contacts list.

The question is, is it possible to link the roleOccupant to the person within an ldapsearch so that when I query the Director of the company i get the details of the person that it is linked to?

Thanks, Russell