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Re: BDB checkpointing overhead

On 6/13/07, Bill Johnstone <beejstone3@yahoo.com> wrote:

If I use the checkpointing feature in the bdb backend, if there were no
changes made to the directory since the previous checkpoint, is there
any overhead other than waking up the code to check to see if the
database is to be synced?

If there are no unsynced changes, does anything get written to disk or
logged in any way when the checkpointing code wakes up?

When you specify the _min_ argument to checkpoint, it will do something regardless of wether there were transactions or not, but I'm not actually sure how much it does.

If you set _min_ to 0 then it will only flush at _kbyte_, which sounds
more like what you're looking for.

See slapd-bdb(5)