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slapo-unique. several unique_base with different unique_attributes sets

Hi, list

I have container in my tree 'ou=cyrus,ou=mail,o=domain' and I need check 'uniqueMember' attribute -- user can be membered only in one group.

Also, for 'ou=web,ou=groups,o=domain' with same types of objects, as 'ou=cyrus,ou=mail,o=domain' user can be membered in several groups, but I need uniques check for 'gidNumber' inside 'ou=groups,o=domain'.

I need something:

unique_base ou=users,o=domain
   uidNumber mail mailLocalAddress

unique_base ou=groups,o=domain

unique_base ou=cyrus,ou=mail,o=domain

I'm using openldap 2.3.35

Is it possible with this version or, may be, with 2.4.x?