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translucent overlay question


 I've to add some attributes like userCertificate from a PKI LDAP server
to my meta-directory, which integrating some others LDAP servers. Some
branches are replicated using syncrepl and I don't have rights to modify
any entries.
 I was looked to translucent overlay and added theses following
directives to main configuration file of slapd : 

/---( slapd.conf )---
overlay        translucent
uri            ldap://pkiserver:389/
lastmod        on
overlay        rwm
rwm-map        attribute   userCertificate *

First question: I can't bind any more using rootdn of this database when
theses directives are activated, why ?

Second question: When I'm looking for an entry than have a
userCertificate attribute on pkiserver database, I'm getting two
responses, why and how can I've only the local entry with remote
userCertificate attribute without modify local database ?

Best regards,

RaphaÃl 'SurcouF' Bordet