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Re: After a db corruption LDAP (db recovered) starts, then dies.

--On Friday, June 01, 2007 12:01 PM -0300 lauro@npd.ufsc.br wrote:

$OpenLDAP: slapd 2.3.19 (Jul 28 2006 17:19:27) - opensuse 10.1


  Yesterday my LDAP was working, today I tried to connect, no success,
and after a few tries, decided to check, it was not running. I was not
able to start it, logs said bdb was corrupted. I used db_recover, no
success again. Then I read several documents and got the bdb working
again, with the ldap service stopped I rebuilt the indexes with no error
messages (slapindex -v). What I did was to remove every file from
/var/lib/ldap/, except for DB_CONFIG and id2entry.bdb. The problem was
after a machine reboot the ldap service started, then stopped, with no
hints (at least to me) on the log files. Now I made another dumb thing,
deleted the old id2entry.bdb and I can't even rebuild indexes with

Deleting id2entry.bdb means you deleted your database. Next time, I'd advise you contact the list before you go deleting files that you don't understand the significance of. I'd also upgrade, many significant bugs have been fixed since 2.3.19 was released.


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