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OpenLDAP Server version differences?

Hi list,

I'm new here. This is my first post on this list. I'm sort of new to LDAP as 
I have searched google for an answer to my problem that really puzzles me. I'd 
appreciate any pointers.

I have installed OpenLDAP server on two different server platforms:

OS: Tinysofa classic server (Linux kernel 2.6.16)
OpenLDAP version: 2.1.30 (rpm bundled with distribution)

OS: FreeBSD 6.2
OpenLDAP version: 2.3.35 (installed from ports)

I have made a simple address book and added the same LDIF file to both servers 
with the ldapadd command.

Looking at the address books from Thunderbird whey look the same but still 
they behave a bit differently.

The address book on Server1 lists all the entries in the address book when no 
search criteria is given (other than objectClass=*).
The address book on Server2 lists NO entries for the same search criteria!

When giving search criteria like (mail=*bo*) and so on gives the same results 
from both servers.

What configurations parameters can I change on the OpenLDAP server in order to 
control this behavior?

I can post LDIF files and configuration files on request.

Mikael Bak
Budapest, Hungary