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Replication with slurpd and ssl Tunnel

Hi List,

I set up my openldap Directory on SUSE 10. I have an LDAP Master and an LDAP Slave synchronizing with slurpd. Replication is fine, but I want to add ssl Tunneling by using ldaps:// For this I created the certification authority and the certificates. I configured the slapd.conf and the ldap.conf on server and client.

Now my Problem: The slurpd is sending the Change to the ldap Slave. The slave gets the update and write it to the directory (i have proved with slapcat) Then the ldap-service on the Slave is hanging up itself. The process is still there (ps -A) but there is no further activity and the service is not reachable by ldapsearch. This occures everytime at the same place: After the bdb_add during sending the confirmation to the slurpd. The Log of the slurpd on ldap-Master says: request done: ld 0x....

Could somebody give me a hint?

Regards - Christian
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