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How to search for all entries that have modified themselves

Dear all

We have accesslog feature turned on for several months. It's very useful
for us to identify who have modified what (only edit access is logged).
The new requirement is to search for all entries that have modified

I don't know how to do (and failed after many experiments). It's very
easy to identify whether or not a given user have modified herself by

ldapsearch ... '(&(reqDN=uid=zhangweiwu,ou=contacts,dc=eoa,dc=cn)(reqAuthzID=uid=zhangweiwu,ou=contacts,dc=eoa,dc=cn))'

But I need to do this search 4000 times to locate all entries who have
modified themselves. I wish I can work smarter using something like

ldapsearch ... '(&(reqDN=\(.*\))(reqAuthzID=\1))'

Certainly this doesn't work but you get the idea. Is there a solution?

Thanks a lot in advance! Would you please kindly use "reply all" to
reply this message so that my colleague on the 'cc' can be enlightened

Zhang Weiwu
Real Softservice
+86 592 2091112