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Re: OpenLDAP-OpenSSL association - reg.

From whichever path your compiler/linker are configured to use. Often, the
notable defaults include /usr/lib and /lib, and are altered by -L or -R options. You can ask your compiler/linker supplier to tell you how to determine the defaults in effect (e.g. "gcc -print-search-dirs" if you're using gcc).

...of course, it looks odd to me that configure would grab "-lssl.a" ... "-lssl" seems much more likely (even if it is an ar archive).

On Mon, 28 May 2007, Aviator LDap wrote:

Hi Friends,
I am really struk with this issue. Could you help me?

In the makefile generated by the configure scipt, the TLS_LIBS value has
been assigned as -lssl.a -lcrypto.a. From which location, the system finds
the corresponding libssl.a and libcrypto.a?

Thanks in advance!!!