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Re: server startup overhead

Well, once an (objectclass=*) search finishes the ou=people,dc=basedn searches run fast again. Unfortunately it takes over half an hour to run the first time and I have to make sure that during that time no one has access to cause extra threads to start searching.

On Fri, 25 May 2007, Eric Irrgang wrote:

I continue to have trouble with getting a freshly started server to be responsive. One problem in particular is one that I thought had been resolved some time ago but is apparently biting me right now...

With the hdb backend (at least in OL 2.3.34 and OL 2.3.35) if you perform a search with a search base deeper than the root suffix, the search takes a very long time to complete if the cache hasn't been established. In my case the difference is less than a second versus several hours. I'm not sure yet which bit of cache needs to be primed. I can switch back and forth searching with the same filter in the root and then a child search base with the same results.

Is this a bug recursion or something that I just hadn't been noticing?

What would be the best search to perform to prepare whatever cache is getting hit to make searches outside of the root DN faster?

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