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Re: Using OpenLDAP without the support of OpenSSL - reg.

Hi Aviator,

You can try use the option "ssl no" on ldap.conf file. On slapd.conf, you can try remove the TLS lines, like TLSRandFile, TLSCipherSuite, TLSCertificateFile, TLSCertificateKeyFile, TLSCACertificateFile,TLSVerifyClient.

But, Its so important to remember.... if you had errors with ldapsearch without "-x" option the problem is SASL and you need check this configurations. The correct use of LDAP and SSL is "ldapsearch -ZZ".

And finally, you really sure about not use this secure resources? Can you explain better your ideas?


On 5/22/07, Aviator LDap < dinesh.openldap@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi All,
I want to develop an application that uses OpenLDAP without OpenSSL functionalities. Can anybody help me to know how to eliminate the openSSL libraries from openLDAP?
thanks in advance,

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