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Doubts about callback sequence and attribute retrieval...

  Hi all!

I'm observing some unexpected (not surprising, though) behaviour with overlays.

I programmed a subgroup expansion overlay. It takes a DN in an attribute and copies one of its attributes to the containing entry (much in the same way as ExpandURL)

  Now I'm trying to use that overlay together with dynlist:

Let dynlist expand an URL attribute into the entry and then let the new overlay explore the retrieved DNs.

  My idea is to let the callback do the work: just chain both overlays...

The resutls are not as expected: no matter the order a use in the overlay stack, my overlay won't see the values retrieved by dynlist.

I think it has to do with the way the attribute values are retrieved. I have tried backend_attribute(...) an fe_acl_attribute(...) in my code but both seem to skip the overlay chain. I guess they take the attribute values from the backend thus ignoring the ones retrieved "artificially" by dynlist...

So the question is: is there an easy way of searching the attribute values from an Entry itself instead of against the backend? Does anyone remember any example in the official code where I can look?

  And, by the way, what does the final _ex in some function names mean?

  Thanks for your attention!