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openldap proxy bind username

Is it possible to configure slapd(8) to proxy a  simple bind operation where
the username provided by the client is not a LDAP DN string?

Right now this query works:
    ldapsearch  -H "ldap://localhost/"; \
        -b "ou=windows,dc=rfa,dc=org" \
        -D "CN=LDAP Proxy user account,OU=Windows,DC=rfa,DC=org" \
        -W -x

Now how can I get a query like this to work:
    ldapsearch  -H "ldap://localhost/"; \
        -b "ou=windows,dc=rfa,dc=org" \
        -D "ldap-proxy@rfa.org" \
        -W -x

My environment is made up of Debian stable (4.0 Etch) on the workstations and
OpenLDAP server, OpenLDAP 2.3.30-5 on the server.  MS Windows 2003 Server
Enterprise edition for the AD server with Services For Unix 3.5 NIS server
(and corresponding schema changes) applied.

thank you,

Federico Grau
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