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Re: should I modify attribute definition in core.schema to suit my need?

<quote who="Zhang Weiwu">
> Generally I think I should not touch the attribute definition in system
> schema file like core.schema. However I got a problem here:
> our web application is designed to understand LDAP schema and provider
> proper user interface for each syntax. Our web application can
> understand syntax which is "Country
> String", two printable string characters as listed in ISO 3166. For this
> syntax the web application pops up a nice country selector. However when
> user enter 'c' (for country, defined in core.schema as *Directory
> String*) the web application treat it as all other Directory String,
> which is an input box. The users, being confused, typed their country
> name manually (like "American" or "U.S.A."), breaking compatibility
> because 'c' should be two printable string characters as listed in ISO
> 3166.
> We can update our web application to treat 'c' specially, but it's much
> easier to just modify syntax definition of 'c' in core.schema. Can I do
> that? Am I going to get more trouble from doing so?



"Note: You should not modify any of the schema items defined in provided

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