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should I modify attribute definition in core.schema to suit my need?

Generally I think I should not touch the attribute definition in system
schema file like core.schema. However I got a problem here:

our web application is designed to understand LDAP schema and provider
proper user interface for each syntax. Our web application can
understand syntax which is "Country
String", two printable string characters as listed in ISO 3166. For this
syntax the web application pops up a nice country selector. However when
user enter 'c' (for country, defined in core.schema as *Directory
String*) the web application treat it as all other Directory String,
which is an input box. The users, being confused, typed their country
name manually (like "American" or "U.S.A."), breaking compatibility
because 'c' should be two printable string characters as listed in ISO

We can update our web application to treat 'c' specially, but it's much
easier to just modify syntax definition of 'c' in core.schema. Can I do
that? Am I going to get more trouble from doing so?

Zhang Weiwu
Real Softservice
+86 592 2091112