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Re: problem with ldif; please help

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> matthew sporleder writes:
>> dn: dc=linux,dc=box
>> ObjectClass: dcObject
>> dc: linux
>> structuralObjectClass:dcObject
> eh, dcObject is not a structural object class.  This shouldn't work.
> Each object needs one structural object class in its 'objectClass'
> attribute, such as 'domain', 'organization' or 'organizationalUnit'.
> (Stuffing dcObject into structuralObjectClass does not help.)
> Thus, the simplest fix for that problem is to replace dcObject with
> domain everywhere.  If you want a 'dc' member in an object with
> objectClass 'organization' or 'organizationalUnit', you can use
> 'objectClass: dcObject' _in addition_ to that class.
OK, but which I like to implement is like


n: dc=digitalrock,dc=de	# base dn

1. Domain:
dn: o=domain1.com,dc=digitalrock,dc=de

- Accounts 1. Domain:
dn: ou=accounts,o=domain1.com,dc=digitalrock,dc=de

- Groups 1. Domain:
dn: ou=groups,o=domain1.com,dc=digitalrock,dc=de

2. Domain:
dn: o=domain2.com,dc=digitalrock,dc=de

- Accounts 2. Domain:
dn: ou=accounts,o=domain2.com,dc=digitalrock,dc=de

- Groups 2. Domain:
dn: ou=groups,o=domain2.com,dc=digitalrock,dc=de