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Re: problem with ldif; please help

>> dn: dc=linux,dc=box
>> ObjectClass: dcObject
>> dc: linux
>> structuralObjectClass:dcObject
> You shouldn't need to specify the structuralObjectClass, as it should
> be implied by the objectClass.  What errors do you get from ldapadd?

I am using slapadd and it reports
str2entry: entry -1 has multiple DNs "dc=box" and "o=kolkata.in,dc=box"

I think I would just start over with something more like this: (from my head -- not tested)

dn: dc=linux,dc=box
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization
o: Linux Box
dc: linux

dn: o=kolkata.in,dc=linux,dc=box
objectclass: organization
o: kolkata.in

dn: o=delihi.in,dc=linux,dc=box
objectclass: organization
o: delihi.in

dn: ou=xxx,o=yyyy,dc=linux,dc=cox
objectclass: organizationalunit
ou: xxx