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Re: chain-overlay question

Markus Krause wrote:
> Hi list!
> i have several consumer and one provider (lets call them ldapconX and
> ldapprov). syncrepl works fine, but i actually do not want any clients
> to contact the provider directly (and i have in addition some clients
> which would not understand referrals anyway), so reading through the
> admin guide and man pages i thought slapo-chain would be the solution!
> (correct me if i am wrong ;-))
> But somehow a can not get it working...
> the slapd.conf of the provider is untouched, the consumer have
> (simplified in some places; please tell me if you need it in more details):

slapo-chain must be global (i.e. before any database) since referrals
are returned by the frontend, as soon as it discovers that the database
that is candidate for a modification is shadow.  See example in consumer
 slapd.conf in test018.


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