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Re: problem with ldif; please help

JOYDEEP writes:
> I like to have a multidomain structure in openLDAP. below is my ldif but
> slapadd reports error because of the domain mis-configuration.

No it doesn't, because it doesn't know what domains are.  Please report
the exact error message when asking for help (or reporting bugs for that
matter).  Anyway, looking at your LDIF file I see several problems:

> dn: dc=linux,dc=box

Strange name, I don't think your DNS domain is linux.box.  Maybe you
should have 'dn: o=linux-box' or something instead, with objectClass:
organization.  Not that it matters to LDAP.

> ObjectClass: dcObject
> dc: linux
> structuralObjectClass:dcObject

You don't need structuralObjectClass, though with slapadd it doesn't
hurt either.  You can't add it with ldapadd though.


Remove the space on the blank line after the dc=linux entry.  I don't
remember if OpenLDAP works it in this case, but spaces are significant.

> dn: o=kolkata.in,dc=linux,dc=box
> objectClass: domain
> o: kolkata.in

The 'domain' object class requires the 'dc' (domainComponent) attribute,
see the 'MUST' clause in its definition in schema/cosine.schema.

You can use objectClass: organization instead.  Note that 'o' means
organizationalName - is the organization name actually a domain name
(with .in)?

Alternatively, maybe it should be something like
   dn: dc=in,o=linux-box
   dc: in
   objectClass: dcObject

   dn: dc=kolkata,dc=in,o=linux-box
   dc: kolkata
   objectClass: dcObject

The same goes for for o=delhi.in,dc=linux,dc=box.