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Re: Delta-syncrepl and latency

On 5/9/07, Sam Tran <stlist@gmail.com> wrote:

It looks like the consumer didn't detect that its previous connection to the provider had closed. It seems like the FW between the consumer and the provider is killing the connection without sending a TCP Reset to both sides. I definitely need to talk to our network guys about that.

Here is what I found out: When the idle connection (no write on the provider) reaches the FW TCP idle timeout threshold, the FW sends out an RST rather than a FIN to close the connection. That is the reason why the consumer doesn't know about the connection loss and doesn't try to reconnect right after, resulting a in a latency.

I may have to use syncrepl in RefreshOnly mode or to make sure that
the connection doesn't get idle for too long.

Thanks for the pointers.