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Re: Minimal OpenLDAP server source

On 5/11/07, Joe Flowers <flowers@social.chass.ncsu.edu> wrote:
Gavin Henry wrote:
>> The problem is that in many cases, to replace existing systems, I need
>> to be able to intercept username and password credentials from an LDAP
>> client, create the local or network account dynamically, perhaps perform
>> some other setup functions, and then return a value LDAP return to the
>> LDAP client that the authentication was successful.
> So, as well as a normal bind, from say ldapsearch,  you need to do other
> things if the bind was correct?
> So how would you stop any user/pass binding and an account getting created?

I can/will do the the authoritative authentication pieces via Kerberos or native calls into NDS or AD or other LDAP calls or etc.


You might want to check out this thread:

It sounds like you're doing something similar to manu@netbsd.org