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Re: ldap rwm-rewriteMap binddn

greg3d@free.fr wrote:

I am in the configuration described in the slapo-rwm man pages :

# Bind with email instead of full DN: we first need
# an ldap map that turns attributes into a DN (the
# argument used when invoking the map is appended to
# the URI and acts as the filter portion)
rwm-rewriteMap ldap attr2dn "ldap://host/dc=my,dc=org?dn?sub";

My problem is for doing this query ( obtains the dn of the personn from his mail
attribut ), I need to be "bindded". I have the binddn and the password but I
don't know how to specify it the ldap:// URI

Could you indicate me, how to specify the binddn and the password in the URI ?

It is documented in HEAD/2.4 man page for slapo-rwm(5); I'm not sure whether 2.3 supports it, though.


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