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help with meta backend

I have a problem with OpenLDAP/back-meta in a certain setup. It sometimes stops responding to search requests. From trying to set a breakpoint in the debugger and from the syslog messages it seems that OpenLDAP doesn't jump into back-meta any more when the situation occurs. The system usually works ok for several days or weeks before the problem occurs.
The setup it OpenLDAP 2.3.35 (with some code modifications in back-meta, but the same problem occurred with the unmodified code) which connects to another OpenLDAP/back-meta installation behind a firewall and one other directory.
Both installations are on similar Linux machines, the second OpenLDAP installation has been running without problems since I upgraded it to OpenLDAP 2.3.34 as advised in ITS#4850.
What can I do to track down the problem?
Ulf Möller


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