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Hi all,

I have two database with a different schema hosted on two different ldap server front-ldap and back-ldap.
How can I use the rwm-map option to include one back-ldap sub-tree as a front-ldap sub tree.

Now I'm using these lines and seems doesn't work:

database ldap
suffix "ou=UK_grp,ou=people,dc=AEL,dc=IT"
overlay rwm
rwm-suffixmassage "ou=UK_grp,ou=people,dc=AEL,dc=IT" "o=people,dc=RAFFO,dc=ITA"
uri    "ldap://"
idassert-bind bindmethod=simple binddn="cn=Manager,dc=RAFFO,dc=ITA" credentials=secret
rwm-map objectclass top top
rwm-map objectclass organizationalUnit organization
rwm-map attribute ou o
rwm-map objectclass cmmContact person
rwm-map attribute sn sn
rwm-map attribute cn cn

front-ldap schema:

ou=UK_grp (l:UK_grp , ou:UK_grp , objectClass:top , objectClass organizationalUnit )
 |----cn=Raffo (objectClass:MyContact , sn:raffo , cn:raffo)

back-ldap schema:

o=UK_grp(l:UK_grp, o:UK_grp, objectClass:top , objectClass organization )
 |----cn=Raffo (objectClass:person , sn:raffo , cn:raffo)