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Re: Delta-syncrepl and latency

On 5/8/07, Sam Tran <stlist@gmail.com> wrote:

I've been running some LDAP writes (batches of 10 to 10000 sequential writes) on the provider to test the replication on the consumer. Sometimes I observed some latency up to 35 sec. on the consumer with the following messages in the logs: May 8 16:52:08 info-ldap-006 slapd[24480]: do_syncrep2: rid 006 Can't contact LDAP server May 8 16:52:08 info-ldap-006 slapd[24480]: do_syncrepl: rid 006 retrying

Some other times, there was not replication at all until I restarted
the consumer.

Am I missing something in the configuration? Please could you shed
some light on the matter?

Thanks in advance.

Some additional information:

The provider is in the internal network while the consumer is in a
separated DMZ. A static IP mapping for the provider and the
appropriate FW rule are necessary to allow the consumer to reach the