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Re: openldap logs

Raffaele Viola writes:
> how can I activate the openldap logs and where I can see the logs?

Tell slapd to log to syslog with e.g. "loglevel 256" in slapd.conf, see
man 'slapd.conf'.  Restart slapd.

Tell syslog to output the slapd logs: How this is done varies, but
typically you append something like
 local4.*   /var/log/openldap.log
to /etc/syslog.conf, and kill -HUP <the syslog pid> to tell syslogd to
re-read the config file.  (slapd uses the local4 syslog level by default.)

On some systems you can put '-' in front of the filename to tell syslogd
to write log lines in batches instead of one by one.  This can remove a
significant I/O bottleneck if you have a lot of traffic.  See man
syslogd or man syslog.conf.