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Re: posixGroup

I've been trawling through man pages etc today looking for a possible
solution to this and came across this in slapd-meta:

      # Bind with email instead of full DN: we first need
      # an ldap map that turns attributes into a DN (the
      # argument used when invoking the map is appended to
      # the URI and acts as the filter portion)
      rewriteMap ldap attr2dn "ldap://host/dc=my,dc=org?dn?sub";

      # Then we need to detect DN made up of a single email,
      # e.g. 'mail=someone@example.com'; note that the rule
      # in case of match stops rewriting; in case of error,
      # it is ignored.  In case we are mapping virtual
      # to real naming contexts, we also need to rewrite
      # regular DNs, because the definition of a bindDn
      # rewrite context overrides the default definition.
      rewriteContext bindDN
      rewriteRule "^mail=[^,]+@[^,]+$" "%{attr2dn(%0)}" ":@I"

OK, not really what we want - but it did get me thinking about a what
if. Could this sort of rule be used for any search to say
cn=posixGroups to rewrite a groupOfNames member to return just the uid
rather than full dn. Combine the rewrite rule with an overlay like:
      map objectClass groupOfNames posixGroup
      map attribute member memberuid

I'm still struggling to get the rewrite rule to do anything at all for
me (again) but anyone have some of idea if this could actually work?


On 09/05/07, Shane <squindler@gmail.com> wrote:
This is the same basic problem I'm trying to solve (on list: rewrite
rule - turn groupOfNames into posixGroup)

I kind of like you're solution, despite the obvious duplication, of
putting both the uid and the dn into the memberuid field - at least
that way makes it a unified place for group management rather than
needing to maintain seperate posixGroup and groupOfNames lists.

A rewrite rule sounded ideal - pity it seems to be impossible. It
seemed like such a simple idea for requests to
cn=groupName,cn=posixGroups to select matching groupname from
cn=groupsOfNames, and return objectClass posixGroup and member: regex(
s/uid=(.*?),.*/\1/ ) ...and overlay was suggested as a possibility - I
have no idea how to start with that yet, even though the overlay idea
was suggested as also being not very nice it may be my best choice for
now if it works ...any pointers on where to start / examples? (pls
don't just recommend the man pages as I'll read them regardless)

short of overlays possibly working looks like we're stuck waiting for
all clients to move to the correct LDAP standard of using groupOfNames
and until then have to deal with duplication.