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RE: add back-ldap modules

Tony Earnshaw <mailto:tonni@hetnet.nl> wrote on Tuesday, May 08, 2007 7:47 AM:
> pkoelle@gmail.com skrev, on 07-05-2007 16:57:
>>> I downloaded openldap-2.3.35.tgz now I have to add the back-ldap
>>> modules to my own installation under gentoo .
>>> How can I make it?

Rather than compiling your own modules from source and trying to insert them into a running system compiled from other source (which is generally a Bad Thing) you could try the steps below.

>> If you don't have the "minimal" use flag set, back-ldap should be there,
>> see the 2.3.35-r1 ebuild for details. Additionally, you have to
>> uncomment the modulepath and moduleload directive for back_ldap.la in
>> slapd.conf.
> OP's asking how to stuff gained from an OpenLDAP tarball build into a
> patent Gentoo setup (Gentoo is derived from Debian, IIRC).

You're probably thinking of Ubuntu, Gentoo is closer to BSD than Debian but derived from neither.

> The correct answer would be that it can't be done (by a novice).
> Alternatively that it *can* be done by someone who has no
> need to ask how.

However a novice could achieve it by building from source:

* Remove your distributions copy of OpenLDAP (emerge --unmerge openldap)
* Build the entire thing from source (see http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin23/quickstart.html)

Also, if you wish to use 2.3.35 (with the back-ldap modules) on Gentoo, you may need to unmask the package (see http://packages.gentoo.org/packages/?category=net-nds;name=openldap and http://gentoo-wiki.com/Masked).