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How to search from inside an overlay (newbie)

Hi everybody. I managed to keep developing til now but I'm desperate today...

 I guess this is easy stuff for people with some experience in OpenLDAP:

I just need to perform a search. I am inside an overlay's response and I need to search for some entries. The question is:

- How do I set the SlapReply rs?
- I guess I need to create an Operation. How do I do that?
- I have to call some search function. I found some searching functions taking an Operation* and a SlapReply* as parameters (like do_search and others) but I don't know which is the one I need.

If you could just drop an example (I guess that it is some 5 lines). I just have to perform a search with a filter I know (and have constructed as a string). Should be something like:

   char *filter = "objectClass=Aclass";
   // SlapReply *rs initialization
   // Operation *op initialization
   // Perform search( op, rs )

Maybe I'm far from the solution...

I would be very pleased if you could help me with this, I'm just going mad jumping from one place in the code to another...

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