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Re: SambaXP talk

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
Howard Chu skrev, on 03-05-2007 17:14:

For anyone curious, the slides from my presentation at the SambaXP
conference last week are now up on my web site.

Thanks, wish I could have been there - this is a real eye-opener, especially for the Red Hat people.

The sad thing is we (Symas) told Red Hat that these were the facts, long before they laid out all that money to buy that obsolete code that they now own. For a tiny fraction of that cash they could have made their OpenLDAP builds into something people actually could use; they could have had one of the most efficient ID management products in the world, and at least a year ahead of their current schedule. But no, they refused to listen to reason. Their loss.

Moral of the story - just because it's open source doesn't automatically make it good. You still need people who know what they're doing.

I have a new job as Linux open source sysadmin/adviser and will definitely be using this one to push OpenLDAP to all and sundry. Especially with regard to Red Hat's DS pricing policy.


Also thanks for the hardware benchmarking ...

You're welcome ;)

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